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  • Coffee Time

    As the sun rises, she enjoys her first cup of coffee as she sets everything else aside.
  • False Reflections

    It’s not easy to reflect on what was never there to begin with.
  • Kiss of Noir

    Two lovers reunited at last on a classic Film Noir stage.
  • Spirit of the Dragon

    Ready for battle against a dark fate, the spirit of the dragon fights alongside this warrior.
  • That Voodoo You Do

    A little doll attempts to take out her misplaced strife on a very reluctant voodoo doll inside an old magic shoppe.
  • The Muse

    An artistic muse finds inspiration difficult even though she is surrounded by beauty.

This is the online home of the multi-award winning digital artist, Lizzie Prusaczyk. There are many galleries here to be explored and much to be discovered so please take your time. Feel free to browse the art galleries at your leisure then if you would like to buy high quality prints of your favorite artworks, visit the D9S Art Shop. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Latest Artworks

  • Nightclub Noir

    Nightclub Noir

    A private eye enjoys the local talent while working case in the classic film noir style.

  • Spring Dreaming

    Spring Dreaming

    As winter drags on I begin dreaming of a beautiful spring filled with colorful blossoms.

  • Heart of Mischief

    Heart of Mischief

    The mischievous Hailee offers you her heart, but there’s always a catch.

  • Hailee's Madness

    Hailee’s Madness

    A weird and surreal character study of the mad harlequin Hailee.

  • Snowbound


    She is trapped in her solitude due to the winter storms that have made an escape both dangerous and impossible.

  • Winter's Chill

    Winter’s Chill

    The cold chill of winter can be felt during any season.

  • Rainy Day Blues

    Rainy Day Blues

    A stylized still life from a cold, rainy day in blue tones.

  • Gingerbread Latte

    Gingerbread Latte

    A fun holiday render inspired by my love of specialty coffee.

  • Heartbreaker Hailee

    Heartbreaker Hailee

    A fun, gothic glam artwork of the little heartbreaker character named Hailee by Dream 9 Studios.

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