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The Art Gallery

The main focus of this website is, of course, the art. Here you can find the most recent and best of my digital artworks. I have divided my artworks into the categories listed below based on the main themes of the piece. Some artworks have more than one theme but I have placed each artwork in only one gallery depending on its dominating theme.

You can either scroll down for a taste of each gallery before visiting them or use the buttons below to go directly to that gallery.

If you enjoy these artworks and would like to see me create more new artworks in the future, please consider supporting Dream 9 Studios by buying a print or other product created with my artworks direct from Dream 9 Studios via the order form in the Prints & More section or by sending a Donation. The more support I receive, the more new and wonderful artworks I will be able to create. Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact me.

Conceptual Surreality

The artworks in this gallery have a surreal theme and/or are conceptual artworks. Conceptual art is, by definition, where the concept or idea involved in the artwork take precedence over traditional aesthetic. Surrealism is basically realistic looking art that has an unrealistic theme or content.

Everyday Realism

Artworks that depict something you might possibly see in real life are kept here. It’s not necessarily the “style” of realism but the “content” of realism. 

Futuristic SciFi

Artworks with a science fiction and/or a futuristic theme are featured in this gallery. Science fiction artworks with a retro theme but are still considered futuristic are also featured here.

Historical Fiction

Artworks with a historical theme are in this gallery. The artwork does not have to be, and usually isn’t, a historically accurate scene. In addition to historic themed art, vintage and retro style artworks plus film noir artworks are also displayed here.

Iconic Legends

Artworks featuring iconic heroes and villains of legendary literature and film are found in this gallery. Although some icons, like those from science fiction, may be instead found in the Futuristic SciFi gallery.

Magical Fantasy

In this gallery you will find all of my fantasy style artworks. Artworks with mythological, magical, or other supernatural themes are also presented here.

Natural Wonders

This gallery will mostly consist of scenes from nature featuring animals of all kinds from the natural world. Most, if not all, of the artworks in this gallery are in the style of realism.

Promotional Art

Artworks that I’ve created mainly to promote and show-off characters and other products that I’ve created are all featured here. Promotional artworks from my graphic novels such as the Shelby Bly Project are also displayed here.

Seasonal Holidays

This gallery features all of my seasonal artworks with the theme of any given holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Xmas. As long as they are holiday-related, the artworks in this gallery can be in any art style.

Still Life

A still life is an artwork which depicts only inanimate objects and settings. No artworks featuring living characters or creatures will be seen here.