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The main focus of this website is, of course, the art. Here you can find the most recent and best of my digital artworks. I have divided my artworks into the categories listed below based on the main themes of the piece. Some artworks have more than one theme but each artwork can not be in more than two categories (in case you notice duplicates). You can purchase high quality prints in a variety of sizes of any and all of the artworks seen in these galleries via the D9S Art Shop or from my Etsy Shop. I may also be available for Commissions.

Conceptual Surreality

The artworks in this gallery have a surreal theme and/or are conceptual artworks.

Film Noir

All of my artworks with a classic film noir theme are kept in this gallery.

Gothic Horror

Artworks whose theme is horror and/or have a gothic theme are kept in this gallery.

Magical Fantasy

In this gallery you will find all of my fantasy style artworks. Artworks with mythological, magical, or other supernatural themes are also here.

Promotional Art

Artworks that I created mainly to show off and promote various characters and products that I’ve made are featured in this gallery.

Shelby Bly Project

Promotional artworks for the Shelby Bly Project are found here.

Strong Emotions

The main focus of each artwork in this gallery is emotion and the feeling of emotion. The emotions depicted can range from joy to despair and beyond.

Just for Fun

Those artworks that were created just for the fun of it, have a comedic theme, or don’t fit in any other category are found here.

Everyday Realism

Artworks that depict something you might possibly see in real life are kept here.

Futuristic SciFi

Artworks with a science fiction and/or a futuristic theme are featured in this gallery.

Historical Fiction

Artworks with a historical theme are in this gallery. The artwork does not have to be and usually isn’t a historically accurate scene.

Media Inspired

The artworks in this gallery were inspired by various types of media with my own twists, interpretations, and artistic liberties.

Scène d’Amour

Scène d’Amour is French for “love scene”. The artworks in this gallery are any scene featuring the love between two people as its central theme.

Still Life

A still life is an artwork which depicts only inanimate objects and settings.

Toon Time

All of the artworks I’ve created using toon-style characters are to be found in this gallery.

Vote for New Artworks!

Here you can have some input on what kinds of artworks I create next! Vote in the poll in the next column for the categories you would like to see me create more artworks for. You can vote up to three times (once per category). Thank you for your input!

"Like" My Artworks?

Want to let me know which of my artworks you like best without having to leave a comment (though written comments are always greatly appreciated!), click the little heart icon at the top of each artwork page to “like it”. The most liked artworks will be featured in the right sidebar. Thank you for any and all likes!

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