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About Dream 9 Studios

About Dream 9 Studios

Dream 9 Studios (a.k.a. D9S) was created on June 09, 2006 as the art and design business of Lizzie Prusaczyk. Dream 9 Studios is proud to present unique, high quality fine art prints and original content for fellow digital artists.

Unique fine art prints of the highest quality can be purchased direct from Dream 9 Studios via this website. I will soon be offering other products featuring my artworks including canvas prints, journal covers, and more. Design resources and other 2D content for fellow digital artists are also coming soon.

3D Content for fellow digital/3D artists created by D9S can be found at Renderosity.

About Lizzie Prusaczyk

About Lizzie Prusaczyk

I am a 33 year old digital artist from Southern Illinois, USA. I was trained in traditional art by my Dad from a very early age and I took some traditional art classes during my school years. I learned everything I know about digital and 3D art on my own by just trying and doing. I have been creating digital and 3D art since 1999 but I am always learning new things and ever working to improve my techniques. My art is my life.

For my personal blog site, please visit I’m On Dream 9.


Here are some frequently asked questions and my current answers to them. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to ask me. More questions and answers will be listed here as needed. Click on a question on the interactive FAQ menu below to see the answer to that question.

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