October Previews

As you may have noticed, I’ve been quite busy with my many art projects as of late. I have created several new artworks with even more on the way. I am also working on my commercial 3D content projects so I can earn a little income to support my art. Read on to see what 3D content projects that I’m working on right now along with “work in progress” preview renders.

Rosita for La Femme

Allow me to introduce you to Rosita. She is a brand new custom character for La Femme with Day of the Dead sugar doll inspired full face makeup options in addition to regular style makeup options. I custom sculpted her face morph and created a dialed body morph with Blackhearted’s Femme Fatale morphs addon set. She will also include eye color options, eyelash options, a tattoo option, and metallic nail polish options that match her makeups. Rosita is for both Firefly and Superfly in Poser 11.

All of the product files for Rosita are complete and so are the promotional renders. I have just recently submitted her to the Renderosity store. I hope to have her through QA and in the store very soon.

This is a clothing texture set for kaleya’s Medieval Gown for La Femme. (It’s also another preview of Rosita!) I have created about six textures so far but I plan to create several more. The first texture I finished, a red and gold velvet gown, can be seen at right. I have create three more dresses in this style but with different colors so far plus two more distinct styles that I will create different color schemes for. So there will probably be about twelve dresses in all once I’m done unless I come up with an idea for yet another style.

I’m still working on the gowns’ Firefly shaders but I’m getting close to having them finalized plus I have started on the Superfly shaders which are looking fairly good so far. I hope to have this set done later this month if not sooner. 

Dreamy Medieval Gown for La Femme

I have recently begun work on another seasonal/stylized character for La Femme. This time we have a winter fairy style character whom I will name Neiva. So far I have her base textures mostly done and am now working on texture options and working more on her special, glittery skin shaders. She will have winter/snow/ice themed makeup options plus nail polish, custom face and ear morphs, dialed body morph, and multiple interchangeable eyebrow styles and colors. So far I have only nearly completed shaders for Firefly; I’m still hard at work on the Superfly shaders. I hope to have Neiva done well before the winter holidays begin so she’ll be available for seasonal renders this year. I’m planning for an early November release.

What you see at right is more of a concept sketch than a finished texture. I’m just feeling out ideas for this set so far. I plan on creating a full clothing texture set for the Dynamic Fantasy Bride Gown for La Femme which is what is seen at right. I’m thinking of course pearl-ish creamy whites but also some golds and soft pastel silks for this set with lots of delicate lace. Since it’s so early in development, I don’t have an ETA for this set yet. I’ll post a better preview once I work on this set more and hopefully have an ETA by then as well.


This is a set I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while and actually meant to do it a few months ago but life had other plans. This will be a set of psychedelic and mod 1960s style textures for Karth’s Dynamic Short Dress for La Femme. What is seen at left is the only texture and material set that I’ve made for far and it’s still a work in progress. It’s way too early in development to set an ETA just yet. I’ll keep you posted here on this site.

This is actually a concept render of a character from my graphic novel project (see Shelby Bly Project) that I plan on releasing as a commercial character. This is Blair and she is a character for Victoria 4 that has both a young version and a 20 years later version. I need to create new skin textures for her since her current ones use a few bits and pieces from copyrighted resources which is a no-no for resale. Once I create new textures with a similar look, I’ll post another preview. The morphs will stay the same though since those are custom sculpted by me. The scar on her face is story-driven from the novel but it does look good enough (and isn’t from a copyrighted source) that I may think about including it in the commercial release. I hope to have her ready for the store by the end of this year. 

Blair Nimway
Lilla Goth Doll

This is a project I started on just a few nights ago. This is a goth version of my toon doll character for Victoria 4 and Stephanie 4 Elite called D9S Lilla. Rather than sell this as an addon, I will sell it as a stand-alone product meaning you will NOT need to buy both this and the original Lilla. Her textures are all completely new and I’ll update her morphs a tiny bit (may even add a couple new morphs) I’ll plus create new material presets. I may even create Superfly presets for her.

I’m right now working on painting her various gothic/Halloween makeups and other texture options. I hope to have her finished (somehow) in time for Halloween if that’s possible. 

That’s all the previews I have for you right now. There are a couple other projects that I’ve got in the works but I don’t have good enough previews of them yet to share. Stay tuned for my next update to see more! Thank you for viewing and don’t forget to visit my shop at Renderosity!