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Prints Information

To make a prints order, click here. Below is more information on the prints sold by Dream 9 Studios. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.

All of my artworks are digital renders that were created using 3D models and digital painting techniques. I render and create my artworks at a high resolution (300ppi) so that they can be printed in all of the sizes offered here in the shop without losing any detail. For instance, 16″x20″ print should be just as sharp and clear as an 8″x10″.

The LED monitor that I use when creating my artworks has been specially calibrated to match how each artwork will be printed (also known as soft proofing). Differences in monitors or other devices’ screens that you may use to view the shop’s catalog of artwork prints can cause the color, contrast, and brightness to differ from the actual print. This means that what you see on your screen may look slightly different from the way the artwork actually looks in person. I do my best to make sure that each print is printed in the way the artwork was intended to look when I created it.

All artworks are limited to a run of 50 prints each.

Print Sizes

On each artwork page is a field called “Canvas Ratio” in the first box below the artwork. There are three types of ratios; StandardSquare, and Long. Use the legend below to know what size of print to order when ordering prints. 

Standard= 8×10″, 11×14″, & 16×20″
Square= 10×10″, 14×14″, & 20×20″
Long= 8×12″, 12×18″, & 16×24″

Pricing Table

Fine Art Prints Metal Prints Mounted Canvas
8×10″ $12 $18 $40
11×14″ $20 $35 $64
16×20″ $42 $74 $106
10×10″ $14 $24 $46
14×14″ $25 $45 $74
20×20″ $52 $92 $124
8×12″ $12 $22 $46
12×18″ $28 $49 $80
16×24″ $50 $89 $122

Here are descriptions of the various canvas types that each print from Dream 9 Studios is available to be printed on:

Fine Art Prints

Each print is printed by a professional printing lab on a high quality art paper with Canon Lucia Inks so that your prints will look amazing and last a lifetime. The art paper used for all my prints is a metallic art paper with a medium metallic-like gloss finish and is smooth with no texture. The metallic, high-gloss surface on this 10-mil, 255g photo paper results in prints that are sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking. The inks used during printing are resistant to fading and not likely to ever fade if kept out of direct sunlight. Each print is carefully inspected for quality before being shipped out to you.

An extra one half inch border will go around the printed area. This means the actual sheet size of the paper will be a total of 1 inch larger than the ordered width and height of the print. For example, if you order a 16″x20″ print, with the 1/2″ blank border the total sheet size will measure 17″x21″. This will make sure that no part of the artwork is hidden or cut off during printing or framing. Some minor trimming may be required during framing depending on the frame chosen. If you choose a large frame for a smaller print, matting would be a great option and the added 1/2″ border helps keep the print easily positioned.

Mounted Canvas Prints

Each canvas print is printed by a professional printing lab on a metallic style canvas called Silverada. Silverada is a “silver metallic” fine art poly-cotton blend canvas. The metallic finish comes from an optimal blend of metallic, silver, and pearlescent coating applied to the surface of the base canvas. Silverada delivers an extremely high max, wide color gamut, and crisp resolution without the use of optical brighteners, therefore making this canvas highly archival. The canvas print will be mounted over 3/4 inch thick (depth) stretcher bars. These prints are meant to be inserted into a frame.

Metal Prints

With metal prints the image is sublimated onto the surface of rigid aluminum panels. These provide a modern look when decorating your home or office. Each metal print is printed on a white gloss metal base. White base is to maximize color and contrast. Its high gloss surface provides a metallic look while preserving the white points in an image. Final product should display high level luminescence effect for seemingly superior image density and contrast. The metal prints are all a “flat panel” which is best suited if you want to custom frame your print or have your own way to display it. 

The “Copyright © 20## Lizzie Prusaczyk” watermarks that are seen on all preview images will not be seen in the final print(s) that you receive. The watermarks are only there to prevent online theft of my work. It is an unfortunate precaution that I must take in order to protect my work and business. A digital signature will be added to each print in the lower left corner. I add the signatures with a low opacity layer so that it does not distract from the artwork itself. 

All artworks are Copyright © 2006 – 2022 Lizzie Prusaczyk & Dream 9 Studios™. All rights reserved. All artwork remains the property of and remains copyrighted by Lizzie Prusaczyk and Dream 9 Studios™. You are only buying a “print” of the artwork and not the artwork itself. Prints may not be reproduced, resold, or altered in any way, shape, or form. If you wish to use a print for some sort of commercial endeavor such as a book cover or other display art, please contact me and we will work out the terms.

For information about shipping, please see the Shipping & Returns page. You may also need to read through my Terms of Use page before making a purchase. To make a prints purchase, please use the Make an Order form.

Last Updated: July 10, 2021